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"I believe that beautiful skin requires choosing products formulated for the particular needs of our skin, both inside and out. I am here to help understand which products works best for you.
Of the products I've selected below, I've given you the 'best in class' at the best price point possible. Enjoy!"
Okay, let me simply say, I LOVE BEENIGMA and everyone here at Anti-Aging Products does too and I found out, we're not alone, The Wall Street Journal has also praised the power of Bee Venom based skin care! Even royalty Kate Middleton Kate used these unique products before the royal wedding.


Beenigma is a Staff Pick as it combines powerful Bee Venom - though don't worry, this does not hurt at all... In fact, you may feel a mild tingling, resulting in a plumping effect and tightening of the skin. Beenigma also has Mankuka Honey which I found out recently is the only honey that has this level of antibacterial activity. There's nothing like this.

CLICK HERE to learn more and find out why Beenigma face cream is all the buzz and how it can help you too achieve a softer and more youthful appearance!

Bee Venom Face Cream

official price: $129.99
our price: $119.99 ($10 savings)
When applying cream or lotion do not rub it in. It is best to first warm the product between your fingers then gently pat it in all over the intended area.
Lorena Ashmore is a trusted skincare expert and esthetician. Estheticians are concerned with the beauty and health of the skin and an esthetician can help you understand what products are right for your skin. Ms. Ashmore enjoys helping women and men of all ages to attain glowing, beautiful and healthy skin. It's part of Lorena's ongoing commitment to helping everyone who visits antiagingproducts.com to look, feel and be his or her very best.

She's not all work... In her free time, Lorena enjoys crafting and as a native Californian, the occasional wine tasting. Lorena is always on the lookout for innovative and new procedures for her clients. "I am so very happy to work with and be a part of the antiagingproducts.com family!"

Being on the go and even traveling can add extra stress to your skin. When on the go, keep your skin healthy by eating right and keeping up with your skincare regime.

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