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Our Review of AuraVie

Whether you're new to the idea of taking care of your skin, or you're just looking for a better way, there's no reason to trust a single, one-size-fits-all solution for your skin. That's where AuraVie comes in: A premium seller of fine skin care products, the AuraVie system is designed to provide you comprehensive skin care with an intricate method.

It seems that the trick to AuraVie is its three-step system, which covers three of the most important steps in skin care: toning, healing and moisturizing. Each step appears to use natural, proven ingredients like Omega fatty acids, Vitamins, resveratrol and acai berry.

It's important here to note the importance of resveratrol. This all natural ingredient is found in the skins of red grapes. The substance has been known to stimulate skin cell growth, and may have numerous other possible benefits, from anti-aging to anti-cancer.

AuraVie products come in all shapes and sizes. Several product lines exist, including organic treatments, a line created with ingredients using salt from the Dead Sea, Vitagel solutions, and even Limited edition products. However, the meat of AuraVie is its three-step skin care kit, available in a trial package for new users. It gives AuraVie customers the entire brand experience in three bottles, including its Renew facial toner, Revive Age-Defying Serum and Replenish Day/Night moisturizer.

AuraVie claims its complete and uncompromising approach to skin care makes it one of the most exciting skin care brands on the market.

AuraVie's website is clean and pleasing to the eye. The company's product lines are clearly delineated: AuraVie's basic facial care products (from which the popular trial package stems), Dead Sea, Organic, Natural and Limited Edition.

Three step process focuses on key aspects of facial care
Proven ingredients like resveratrol and acai berry
Vital nutrients: Omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids; Vitamin D

At the time of this article's writing, AuraVie's trial package (which includes its Renew, Revive and Replenish products) runs at about $220. Especially when compared to other premium skin care products, this price is quite modest. Its Natural and Limited Edition lines come at a steeper price point.

Final Facts
While AuraVie's product line is relatively small, it is clearly focused. The company's trial package especially is promising: With three varied products to try, each featuring different and specific functions of skin care, you'll experience all the benefits of AuraVie's natural product line.


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