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Our Review of LED Phototherapy

LED Phototherapy is advertised as a LED Photo-Rejuvenation Light Therapy procedure that may be able to heal skin with a low-risk of side effects. This procedure is offered at a few nationwide locations. It is also possible to purchase a device that can be used at home. LED Phototherapy can work to decrease fine lines and improve skin elasticity. However, LED Phototherapy comes with expensive list prices and is an unusual skincare approach. Therefore, we will have to take a closer look at this product to determine its potential benefit for skincare customers.

The website supporting LED Phototherapy makes some interesting claims, but also appears to lack significant background information. Not all skincare products are equal, and in order to avoid disappointment and potential side effects, it is crucial for customers to become aware of what constitutes a top quality skincare item.

Product at a Glance
The basic concept behind LED Phototherapy is that it provides LED light to the epidermis (the skin layer below the sweat glands) in order to stimulate cell activity, which can help promote the production of Collagen and Elastin. Essentially, LED Phototherapy is a procedure that attempts to deliver certain wavelengths of light to the skins surface, based on the idea that this will promote healthier skin.

LED Phototherapy is a handheld device that is approved for daily use and recommended for 15-minute sessions.

Procedure in Focus
Unfortunately, at the time of this review, the LED Phototherapy website fails to provide any clinical evidence that this process actually promotes healthy skin. This could be indicative of why this item’s patent is pending and not yet approved. Moreover. It is not likely that LED Phototherapy is an adequate substitute for natural light, which is known to greatly benefit the skin, when absorbed in moderation, due to the natural Vitamin D benefits of sunlight.

Realistically, LED Phototherapy isn’t supported by the type of evidence that we see for many of the marketplace’s top-quality skincare formulas. Many customers report astounding results from using skincare creams or serums that are expertly formulated. However, it is important that people know which formulas are safe and effective.

A good alternative to a product like LED Phototherapy may be a topical skincare product that includes the highly reputable ingredient Matrixyl 3000®, which, when combined with Argireline, is known to produce highly effective, yet safe skincare results that promote anti-aging, build Collagen and reduce fine lines.

There are many products in the skincare market and sifting through them can seem like a grave undertaking. With LED Phototherapy, it looks like we have the case of a product that seems to lack background information, which suggests it could fall under the umbrella of gimmick or scam products. At first glance, LED Phototherapy seems like an interesting product that may be able to offer a unique skincare method, but looking closer, we come to see that LED Phototherapy isn’t likely to be more effective than a properly formulated Matrixyl 3000® product.

• Unique Product
• Handheld device
• LED technology

Final Thoughts
Customers interested in safe, effective skincare may be better off avoiding LED Phototherapy by searching for a product that combines Matrixyl 3000® with Argireline® and other essential ingredients. In addition, LED Phototherapy appears to lack an adequate refund policy, and for an item so lacking in clinical support, we would expect to see a better customer guarantee.

Being informed about the market and searching for skincare items with safe and high quality ingredients is a customer’s best defense against the hundreds of fraudulent products. Buying a product with a great refund policy and customer service is also a great place to start. Most important is to look for advanced ingredients like Matrixyl 3000®, Argireline® and Hyaluronic Acid, which are safe yet highly effective.

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