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Our Review of Mary Kay® TimeWise®

Everyday there are new and different skin care lines and developers making their way onto the anti-aging market. However, there are also some brands available that have a known and proven history in this venue; although a recognizable name does not always guarantee success.

Nevertheless, with the ease of online shopping comes many choices in terms of skin care products. The Mary Kay® name is well known in the cosmetic and skin care market, having become a viable choice for many women. They have a line that seeks to address a variety of skin related issues, such as anti-aging, cleaning, moisturizing, basic skin care, men’s needs and eye care. However, perhaps no other line has gotten as much play as their anti-aging line, which is called TimeWise®.

Products at a Glance
The Mary Kay® TimeWise® line contains a variety of products, such as: Age-Fighting Moisturizer (normal to dry) TimeWise® Age-Fighting Eye Cream Targeted-Action™ Eye Revitalizer, Targeted-Action™ Line Reducer, Cellu-Shape™ Contouring System, Even Complexion Essence, Microdermabrasion Set, 3-In-1 Cleanser, Firming Eye Cream, Age-Fighting Lip Primer and Visibly Fit™ Body Lotion.

Product in Focus
Let’s take a brief look at the Mary Kay® TimeWise® Age-Fighting Eye Cream to get an idea about what this line is all about. Many women start to see fine lines around their eyes, which are largely due to reduce levels of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, as well as muscle contractions. Also, sun damage and environmental toxins may cause acceleration of skin aging. This TimeWise® product line is purported to ease the effects of the sun, stress and fatigue, in order to preserve the delicate skin around the eyes.

This developer says that it was created specifically to address the skin around the eye area. While we really like the Mary Kay® style and their reputation, at this time, they fail to disclose what elements they have included in this formulary to make it effective. For instance, we believe it would have been useful to have known if it contains Argireline®, an amino acid complex, which has been found to be particularly effective in terms of specifically addressing lines that form around the eyes.

Argireline® was created to relax facial tension, because tension and muscle contractions may increase the depth and density of wrinkles and facial lines. Using Argireline® has been shown to ease these lines. Some experts loosely compare its effects to BOTOX®, because of its ability to reduce facial tension. However, it does not paralyze facial muscles like BOTOX® does, which makes it far more accessible and viable for many women.

The Mary Kay® website is interesting in that it provides a bird’s eye view of their products, in the comfort of their own home. However, as of review, it lack detail, as we note above, which is always troubling to us. Online shopping allows people a way to find the skin care products they need quickly and easily, which has been very cost effective and time saving. However, we believe it’s always important to look for developers who make returning products easy and hassle-free. Also, we believe that it is important to seek out developers who have a vested interest in providing good quality and friendly customer care.

• History in the skin care market
• Rather extensive anti-aging line

Final Thoughts
The Mary Kay® TimeWise® line has a name and a product line that many people recognize, and some may wish to use their products to address their skin related needs. However, we would have felt more comfortable with this line if they had disclosed exactly what they use in their products to create a response that may ease wrinkles, facial lines and crow’s feet.

The fact that they fail to make this disclosure as of review is rather troubling to us, and we feel is limiting for individuals. As noted above, when we reviewed their Age-Fighting Eye Cream, we feel it would have been beneficial to know if they included Argireline®, because it has been shown to address skin aging at its core, as well as directly affect wrinkles around the eyes.

However, we like that Mary Kay® stands behind their product line with a guarantee that allows individuals to return a product for an exchange or a refund of the full purchase price. We always suggest women look for developers who are invested in providing a friendly customer care department that allows for easy and quick returns.

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